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Baptism at Southbridge

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Bridge Kids: Baptism for Kids

We’d like to invite you and your child to Baptism for Kids, January 19th after second service in the Elementary Building.

The next step from Starting Line (Helping Your Child Cross the Line of Faith) OR if your child has already made a decision to accept Christ as their Savior, is to attend our Baptism for Kids class. In this class, you and your child will learn all about baptism.


  • This class is designed for K-5th graders.
  • Kids should wait until after they have confessed Jesus as their savior to attend this class.
  • Kids must attend class before they are baptized.
Bridge Kids: First Time Family Registration

If you are planning to visit and have a child from birth to fifth grade, let us know that you are coming!

Christmas Eve 2019

First Impressions Team!!! Please fill out the form below to let us know if you will be able to serve on Christmas Eve for the 3 pm, 4:30 pm or both!

Communication Request


Church-Wide Event: 6 weeks
Ministry Event: 4 weeks
Design/Print Project: 4 - 6 weeks
Video Project: 4-6 weeks


1) Receive proper approval from your staff/ministry leader.
2) Make sure you've allowed adequate time for the communication process to be accomplished.
3) Evaluate the return on investment.

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Communications Director Opportunity

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Facility Rental: Southbridge Fellowship

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MISSIONS: Advocate Check in

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Next Steps Information

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Outreach & Missions Interest

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OUTREACH: Disaster Relief

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Parenting Workshop: The Impact of Technology

Friday January 10th: 6:30p - 8:00p


Southbridge is partnering with Trinity Academy to bring Bridge Kids and Southbridge Students "The Impact of Technology".


Technology is increasingly integrated into activities and life, yet there is an increasing amount of evidence that points to technology having implications that have not been fully considered in this rush for the latest and greatest. It is not that there is no good with technology but what do you keep and what do you reject? Using experience from a Christian school setting, along with pulling ideas from books such as The Shallows (by Nicholas Carr), this presentation will outline some of the known impacts of technology, positive and negative, starting with the big picture and then focusing on how to equip and prepare our families to navigate the digital world.

Prayer Request Form

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Southbridge Serves Weekend Review

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Starting Line: Start a Lifetime of Following Jesus

We’d like to invite you and your child to Starting Line: Helping kids start a lifetime of following Jesus, March 15th, after 2nd service.

This class is designed for kids and parents to learn what it means to follow Jesus. Kids and parents will gain a clear understanding of what it means to begin a relationship with Jesus. Starting Line also helps equip parents as they lead their child to a relationship Christ.


If your child has not accepted Christ as their savior and has been asking questions, this is a class you will want to attend.


Starting Line is designed for K - 5th grade children.

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